Having a phenomenal website in 2013 is essential for any Toronto business. The only problem is that website design isn’t as easy as many people first assume. You don’t want a website which is created using free online tools, nor one which doesn’t adequately say who your business is, what you do, or why you're the best choice for your customers.


Having a website and implementing things like great search optimization have been buzz words in online and offline marketing circles for the best part of the past decade. However, even the smallest Toronto businesses can’t afford to ignore those buzz words any longer.

Great Website design is now something which is expected by most businesses target audiences. People don’t use phone books or even online business directories anymore. Instead, people belonging to almost every consumer demographic now start and end searches for business services with Google and social media searches.

At Master SEO, we know this. What’s more, we know that if you don’t have a website which ranks highly in local area Google searches, you’re business is fast becoming practically invisible to your future customers. This is why we use our combined website design and online marketing expertise to help Toronto-based businesses just like yours, reclaim your online visibility

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Do you simply not know where to start when it comes to reclaiming your businesses online visibility? Whether you have never utilized a dedicated business website or simply need to revamp your existing website design, it’s no secret that knowing where to start can seem confusing.

Small Toronto firms without a dedicated IT department often don’t understand what terms like SEO, bootstrapping and responsive mean. Worse, many leading website design firms will rarely make an effort to explain such design terms in clear, client-friendly language. Thankfully, though, we do.

At it’s most basic, a website is simply an extra storefront for a business. However, how you intend to utilize your website beyond this will directly affect every design stage. From implementing secure e-commerce features to setting up effective content management (CMS) systems, we help Toronto businesses recognize and respond to their business needs as intuitively as possible.


Simply having a website isn’t the same as using your website to effectively generate new sales leads. You need to take your business message and branding directly to the people who are most likely to engage with a business like yours in the first place.

The above being the case, we don’t just build eye-catching and ultimately user-friendly websites. Instead, at every step of the design process, we incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) features which are guaranteed to help your business get noticed. At the same time, we help Toronto businesses with everything from the implementation of effective social media marketing (SMM) strategies to local SEO and effective search engine marketing.

What this means for you, is that as well as helping drive traffic to your website, we also help you reach out directly to the people who matter. In fact, our no-nonsense approach to website design is the key reason why increasing numbers of Toronto businesses trust us to help take their business into the 21st century finally. The only question is, are you ready to explore a world of new possibilities? If so, make sure to reach out to Master SEO today in order to discuss your business needs in a little more detail.


There are a whole plethora of companies we work with including [start-ups, multinationals, non-profit organizations, B2B, BC et cetera]. These companies cut across a wide range of industries including [technology, food and beverage, .fashion and apparel, cosmetics and health, travel, finance. Arts and entertainment, et cetera]

We have over the years done a great deal to ensure businesses have better customer service, marketing strategies, and customer loyalty. The scope of requests we get from different companies ranges from what we consider basic to the advanced.

To effectively execute and deliver on our services, our dedicated team take time to objectively know your industry of operation, organization and the nature of competitors in your market. By doing so, we ensure that there is harmony between what we bring on board in web solutions and the goals you want to achieve.

A standard website will take us at least 30 days to go live. E-commerce websites (online store) will require between 30 – 40 days to build. The time will also be contingent on the project we are working on; that is, the number of elements the site needs to carry.

This is a wonderful question and should be asked to any web design experts that you intend to work with. It is usually common for majority of web development firms to outsource services to freelancers when they are given projects by their clients. Others will even give the work to interns.

A good number of firms do not give clients the opportunity to interact with their creative team. That being as it may, we like to do things a bit differently. We give our clients an opportunity to work with a unit of 5. The individuals in the unit will be brought together depending on what the project needs and the phase of the project.

We use dedicated Open-source Content Management Systems called like WordPress

No doubt about that. We facilitate transfers from hosting servers and in this process, we can refurbish websites to a better quality or different orientation that your clients will find more appealing and resourceful.

We do written content development for our clients and we include copywriting and editing rates in our proposals. Other than the written content, we also advise and develop images and video content to help your site become more engaging. More to that, we also build sitemaps and help in the structuring of the foundation of your websites in the onset stages of planning.

The timelines for completion are for the most part dictated by the client. If you have a time frame you want us to work with then we will do our best to match it. The delaying aspects of the projects come when we have to wait for written content, images, and videos to be sent to us by the client in the event we are not the ones developing those for him. But averagely a project will take between 4 and 6 weeks.

It is not a necessity to have you meet with us face to face for the project to be up and running. Most projects are initiated, continued and completed via online communication like email or video chats or by phone. We will keep you updated on the progress and our suggested site layouts and element. We will use a secure testing platform and server that you can get access to and get to see the progress. This way, you will be in touch with our team to ensure you get exactly what you wanted.

We offer the support you need to ensure that your site runs as intended with no hitches. Should you require tweaking here and there we are always ready to come on board. We also offer websites maitainace, Search engine optimization, domain registration and hosting, graphic design etc.

It would really do us good if you are able to provide images and text via an electronic form. We use images and videos from a digital format and text in typed out digital documents like MS Word or PDF. We provide instructions on how to upload the said content.

We design all websites to ensure they are optimized for search engines. We ensure that the site will meet the requirements and guidelines of the major search engines. We will also ensure that your website it evaluated from time to time to ensure it keeps abreact of the ever changing search engine rules and algorithms. So as to really take advantage of search engine algorithms we recommend you use our full suite of SEO services.

There are no hidden charges. Once we discuss the elements and know what is necessary, we give you a quote that will be all inclusive. There will be no more charges coming up once we settle on a figure in light of the project at stake. Since web design is a very evolutionary process, the client may come up with new demands that may mean new charges because of the extra work that needs to be put in. in the event there is such a development, we will be sure to let you know about it before we can do the extra work.

it is possible to make updates to your website simply because you are the administrator of the website and the website is created on CMS –WordPress. The platform makes a provision for you to make updates adjust settings, schedule posts, check analytics and page performance and we give you these administrator rights as well as a little tutorial on how to go about it.

Depending on the computer settings, browser used and the toolbars used there might slight differences in how the site appears. This doesn’t, however, compromise on what is seen. When designing this, we keep all this in mind and do run tests using different browsers and settings to make sure there is as much uniformity as possible.

All the websites we build are tweaked to mobile responsiveness because we know most internet traffic is from hand held devices.

Yes we definitely do that because we are your first stop shop for all your web oriented services. We do maintenance, domain registration and administration, backups, security protocols, website installation, server and uptime monitoring and hosting services. Our hosting services are on annual subscription basis.

We only have access to the server tech support. In the event there are any technical issues then you can simply email us or give us a call to report the issue and we will respond promptly.

It is possible for you to be an administrator of your own hosting account. We facilitate you with an online cPanel enabling you add, modify and delete FTP accounts, E-mail addresses and more. You can call our tech support for more details on this.

Yes. We facilitate this by providing you with a web tracking software which keeps tabs on the origin of your visitors, which pages they looked at in your site, the search engine they used and the phrases they used when entering the search query before they got to your site. The software will also give you much more interesting tracking information that will come in handy in internet and SEO marketing strategies.

Yes. In our bid to provide web security solutions, we ensure that our encryption methods are advanced and of high-level thanks to our SSL platforms that ensure all information entered by your customers are safe.

CMS platforms are quite easy to use in addition to the fact that they have explanatory notes and help tabs to help you find your way around. We, however, take you through the administration screens once we are through with the design of the site. We will also be on standby in case you have any challenges.

Your site can have as many pages as you would like and for the sake of SEO the more the better.

Sure you can, we will be excited to look at the website and then give you ideas and a quote for updating it.


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