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Whether by optimizing your off-site SEO, local SEO or existing content marketing strategy, we don’t just strive to increase the amount of visits to your businesses landing pages. Rather, we analyze all incoming traffic to your website and in doing so help businesses better direct their ongoing marketing efforts. Formed in 2013 in response to an increasing need in Greater Toronto for reliable and effective Internet marketing services.

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Is Master SEO the best SEO company in Toronto? Well, we certainly like to think so. Unlike some other SEO companies, we use only White Hat, industry recommended SEO techniques to help you acquire better traffic and better sales leads. This being the case, when you decide to work with us, you can rest assured that your website and your businesses overall reputability is in safest hands possible.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Our professional SEO team is made up of industry experts with professional backgrounds in everything from master class website design to off-site SEO and Google Ad Campaign management. The only question is where do you want your business to be this time next year? Where you are now, or making the kind of waves online which your competitors can only dream about?

More and more Toronto businesses are trusting us to help them finally realize the kind of online success which they have always aspired towards. This being the case, call or contact us today to find out how we can help your business better compete online.


How we help Toronto businesses supercharge their existing SEO and online marketing efforts depends on what kind of web presence specific businesses have already. It might be that you have a phenomenal social media following but a lackluster business website. In this case, we’d likely pair a dedicated social media marketing strategy with a complete website redesign and PPC campaign. Alternatively, maybe you have a great website already but just need to tweak your local SEO and social media marketing efforts.


Are you worried that your business might not be able to afford the kind of high-quality SEO and web marketing services which you need in order to take your business to the next level? Don’t be. We’re are small business ourselves and we always strive to provide the highest possible standards of service at the most affordable prices.


Onine marketing and SEO go hand in hand with great web design.

However, as well as designing safe, secure and responsive websites for Toronto-based businesses, we also design websites which are guaranteed to directly appeal to your target audience. From creating eye-catching visuals to creating fast loading websites designed to be accessible from both traditional computers and different mobile devices; we provide functional, wow factor web design services which will be the envy of even your bigger budget competitors.


Pay Per Click ad campaign is a fantastic way to drive traffic

Working in unison with your SEO and web marketing strategy, we can help you plan a Pay Per Click campaign which is both in line with your budget and guaranteed to draw real results. We’ll discover the best keywords to use in your campaign. We'll then help you optimize your website landing pages and we’ll even monitor traffic throughout your campaign, in order to help you use this data to help you target your marketing better.


Have you employed the services of a less scrupulous SEO team previously?

More specifically, have you previously employed Black Hat, industry frowned upon methods to artificially manipulate the rank and real popularity of your website? If so, you will likely have been penalized at some point by Google and/or other major search engines. Moreover, if this is the case, no SEO strategy which you implement will be as effective as it could be until such a penalty is removed. Thankfully, we can facilitate all kinds of penalty removal.


Is your existing web marketing strategy pretty much dead in the water?

What might have worked yesterday for you in regard to SEO and web marketing, won’t necessarily work as well for you today. This is because SEO rules and best practice standards are always in a state of flux. Web marketing strategies and search engine optimization techniques, need in this case, to be fluid and adaptive to the ever-changing landscape of the Internet. Thankfully, our SEO consulting services can help your company get to grips with what you should be doing in regard to SEO. This and help supercharge your overall web marketing efforts.


In regard to SEO, do you know how Google really ‘sees’ your website?

While real people might well be bowled over by your website, search engines like Google see your website completely differently. Moreover, this matters because how Google ‘sees’ your website will determine how it is indexed, categorized, and ranked in accordance with its own search algorithm. This being the case, SEO analysis services like ours are integral in regard to achieving overall SEO success.



Toronto SEO and online marketing isn’t always about achieving overall better rankings on search engines like Google.

Rather, if you’re a local business, you need to focus on enhancing your ranking and online visibility in web searches specific to the local area in which you operate. We help businesses do this by providing extensive local SEO solutions which will help put your business on the local map finally. In doing so, we’ll help you archive better sales leads and much more importantly, conversions of those leads into verified sales.


With Master SEO, your business gets to benefit from full spectrum SEO and web marketing services, ones which are designed in every case around you and your particular business needs. What works for one company won’t always work for the next. This being the case, we provide Toronto businesses with bespoke web marketing solutions, not one size fits all solutions which in most cases can be hugely detrimental to many businesses online success.


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Search Engine Optimization( SEO) is basically an online marketing strategy that is used to increase website visibility on the internet and improve the current Google rankings. Ideally, you may have one of the best websites with amazing features, user-friendly interface, irresistible offers/deals and any other aspect necessary to enhance the user experience; however, if only a few individuals can easily access your websites, all those aspects would be of no use. You want a website that will be of additional value to your website, and that would only be possible if it's attracting significant web traffic in the first place. Usually, the more people visit a website, the higher the sales which will automatically lead to higher productivity.

However, the biggest challenge that most businesses are facing today is determining the best SEO agency that can be trusted to deliver tangible results within the shortest time possible. It's therefore essential that one conducts extensive research and do a lot of consultations before approaching an SEO company for their services. Some of the factors that one ought to consider when the research is the reputation of a company, the current Google ranking of an SEO agency, the affordability of a company's services, the SEO techniques that a company uses, the convenience of accessing a company SEO services among others.

Apart from that, as a business person, you also have an obligation to make learning the basics of SEO services. This will put you in a perfect condition to not only know how to deal with the various SEO companies but also in coming up with other marketing strategies that will help enhance your business' online reputation. Luckily, thanks to the internet, there are a lot of credible sources that you can trust to provide you with accurate information about the basic of SEO. Learn to differentiate between black hat and white hat SEO services in order to maintain the credibility of your website.

One of the primary consideration that web owners consider before approaching a company for their SEO services is the techniques that they use to increase web visibility. These techniques are generally classified into two broad categories; on the page SEO techniques and Off the page SEO techniques.

On-Page SEO Techniques.

Just as the name suggests, these are special SEO strategies that mainly involves re-designing web content and structures for them to attract more Google benefits. Usually, the way your website is designed or the content that is contained therein comes a long way in determining the effectiveness of a website especially in generating web traffic. There is a wide range of on-page SEO techniques that can be used to enhance web visibility. The two common techniques used for on-page SEO are;

Web Design: Your website can be re-designed in a such a way that it will not only enhance user experience but also creates more room to implement more SEO techniques.

Meta Tags and Microformats: These are special characters mainly that sort of inform search engines or any interested internet user what a web page is all about, where the business is located, street codes and any other detail that directly identifies your business. Ideally, both meta tags and microformats help improve Google accuracy when determining web rankings.

Quality content: One other key determinant of Google ranking is the keyword density. By adding high quality and original content, you can naturally the various keywords that naturally identify your business among other companies.

Off-Page SEO.

This is the digital marketing techniques that can be used to optimize a website without necessarily interfering with it current structures or content. It's a strategy that has proved to be equally reliable when it comes to boosting web traffic. The two common techniques used for off-page SEO include;

Social media advertising: Available research indicates that a majority of online users today spend the better part of their online experience on the various social media platforms. What SEO agencies simply do is to improvise techniques that they can direct that traffic to their clients' websites.

Affiliate marketing: This a unique off-page SEO strategy used to refer people to a website using an affiliate link. It's a marketing that has gained increased popularity in the recent past as people look for new ways to make money online. Usually, the more your affiliate link is clicked, the higher the web traffic which will earn more commission to the marker.

Link Building: This is a marketing strategy that involves sharing a web page links in such a way that will attract significant action especially among the target audience. With the help of our experienced SEO expert, we can easily build a network that will help share the links with intention of directing more web traffic to a business website

To start with, it's important to note that SEO is a process which means that you should not expect tangible result overnight. However, the duration that one need to wait before they can see some good result will vary depending on the SEO company that you hire. It's the wish of any business to have their website among on the top 10 list within the shortest time possible. However, with us, we not only consider short-term results but also long-term that will remain for a foreseeable future. Therefore, for us, we can guarantee you credible results between 3-9 months depending on the level of competition of a business. It's also important to note that most of our SEO services are self-sustaining in nature such that even after we stop optimizing your website, it will be capable of attracting huge traffic on its own in the future. That means that you may not need to worry about hiring SEO services anytime soon.

First of all, it's not why Google hate your website, rather what you have done to your website to get the attention of Google. Google is a search that ranks the website based on merits simply because it also wants the best for its users. If you are therefore using illegal SEO practices popularly known as black hat SEO, to optimize your website, then do not expect to enjoy Google benefits. It's however important to note that we only practice white hat SEO to avoid putting the credibility of our clients' site at risks while at the same time ensure that we improve their web ranking.

Therefore, if your website is not enjoying Google benefit, it's the high time you approached us, and within a period of at least 3 months, you'll be surprised. It's however important to note that Google mainly considers on-page SEO when ranking the various websites; whenever a client approaches us, the first thing we do is go to their website and re-design it in a way that will attract more SEO benefits. We have some of the be Web designers and SEO experts who can closely assess your website and come up with adequate measures that will guarantee tangible results as soon as possible. Therefore, before you can blame Google, make sure that your website conforms to the standards of a credible business website.


We’d had mixed results with so-called SEO agencies in the past. Either we didn’t get the results we were hoping for or the people we approached for help simply never facilitated any kind of understanding in regard to the strategy they were using. Thankfully, we’re very pleased with the service which we have received from MasterSEO team. More importantly, we’re finally seeing the results which we have always been striving for.
The first thing that you realize when trying to find a way to rank higher in Google, is that it can be exhausting trying to find a reputable SEO agency. Thankfully, we struck gold with MasterSEO and have had the pleasure of working with him for almost a year now. Being extremely knowledgeable and resourceful, we’ve subsequently brought MasterSEO on board to help with every aspect of optimizing our existing SEO strategy. In this case, I can only strongly recommend that others do the same.
CEO, Detailing Shop
Like a number of other businesses who we have already recommended MasterSEO and SEO Services Toronto to, we thought we were doing all the right things to increase traffic and conversions but really we were still in the dark ages. To our delight, MasterSEO was both easy to work with and has completely turned around our ailing website. If you are serious about giving your online marketing and SEO strategy a boost, we can therefore only recommend Jason in the strongest terms possible.
I was very nervous at first about admitting to anyone that I didn’t have any idea where to start with SEO. However, MasterSEO completely allayed these fears and much more importantly, didn’t take my lack of technical skills for granted. This is why we are now happy to use MasterSEO as our go to SEO company. He gets results and is always more than happy to suggest new ways of gaining more exposure for our boutique e-commerce website.